People often ask why the pedestal is so disproportionate to the statue, all I can tell them is, "Ask the Americans. While the sixth episode released, DEANDEMOCRACY is placed between ALCATRAZATTACK and AIRFORCEONEANGEL 37th President of the United States, elected in 1968 instead of Richard Nixon. Through the form of Mockumentary and Found Footage-style videos, The Monument Mythos tells the story of an alternate America where history took on a strangely different yet eerily familiar course, one where beloved actor James Dean never died . As The Crescent King, he would aid the Lunarians in their erasure of Human language. they were apparently sent to attempt to kill a super being on the lunar surface, and said being, The series ends with what might be considered another Class X-4. They seem to be performing a particularly subtle version, by destroying human language and replacing it with their own. MaizeUS Department of TechnologyUS Department of the InteriorSpecial TreesFreedom. If the Everett that Virginia met during her first entry and Everett, Their title as an "Angel" not only refers to their flight around the country delivering "gifts," but. Wonderland is literally referred to as the Horned Serpent's Metastructure, yet it's existence was the cause for the Horned Serpent's existence and by extension itself. The Libertylurker is a True Force of Mass Destruction that was situated underneath the Statue of Liberty on Ellis Island. ROCKEFELLER-70. the Cornerfolk (from another webseries also made by Alex Casanas) are none other than the survivors of the Monument Mythos main universe after the Great Division. The United States government nuked it to smithereens. . A second Horned Serpent that laid dormant in the crust of Mars. He was speculated to be Satan as the ADA broadcasts stated previous to the reveal of his heroic and honorable nature. 1801-1809 Thomas Jefferson . This would lead to the US transforming the Last Son into "Jesus" using a stolen Lunarian eye. Drew President Washington. Monument Mythos is great in that it assumes its viewers are intelligent enough to piece together what has happened and causes horrifying realizations when you figure it out. Following Cthnonaut A's advice, the Angel divides themself until they "no longer can". His reaction to them cutting down power lines in, His reaction to them activating hundreds of anomalous air raid sirens in. The series ends on this note. On April 20th, 1969, Dean would attempt to broadcast to Americans about his first 90 days in office, not before being cut off six seconds in. As a mass of Alcatraz matter that managed to assimilate the properties of the Horned Serpent and Wonderland, Nixon is effectively a composite of the myriad anomalies that affected the Deanverse. He is first mentioned in FREEDOMFALLER. Hobby The Horned Serpent from the Monument Mythos. Reply . Lincolnlooking was never real in the first place. The White House would also be placed on lockdown, Dean would be ushered to a bunker, but due to hearing the agonizing screams of American citizens, he refused. have been in the two photos of the Special Tree that Rockefeller took, stalking him the whole time. In 2002, a documentary about Dean's presidency titled "DEANDEMOCRACY" would be released to the public. Their electronics also create more between our world and theirs, with TWTTR machines being an especially primitive version of Twitter programmed into bulky devices, and Maize Movie Maker as the equivalent for Windows Movie Maker. It's likely that Dean was referring to his car, nicknamed Little Bastard and renown for being allegedly cursed, but the Last Son interpreted that as having finally "won," like the woman in his visions told him to. considering we later find out the Horned Serpent is not. Civilians would slowly leave the bunkers the day after, while some stayed due to the possibility of nuclear fallout. Air Force One Angel to have been in both the photo of the first Christmas tree at the Rockefeller Center and in the photo of the Special Tree. During an ABC evening news run, anchor Peter Jennings mentions "a special broadcast of national significance." He is nearly identical to his Real Life counterpart, with the sole exception of him being the artist behind the Nixonverse comic book. It was used as a basis for technology produced by Maize before a certain incident occurred that put a stop to those ventures. In our world, Ed Dwight was an African-American test pilot who joined the early astronaut program but was controversially blocked from joining NASA. they serve as bait to lure ADA members to Freedom. The D-Day Knight uses Alcatraz Matter to basically, Their plan for Earth starts with a variation on this, although instead of creating multiple languages out of one they are. 1789-1797 George Washington . Maize, in the universe of the Monument Mythos, is an American-grown supplier of electronic goods. The titular antagonists of the series, mysterious houses that have appeared on the Ocean as early as 1939. This list does not claim to be the canon list, rather only a creation of fan content made by user Gelid Lagopus.Italic text . While nobody, Moon God Nixon produced three beings out of himself, one and the same entity as the Crescent King, And their moves represent how it turns out. A recurring journalist in the series, who reported on the Knight during D-Day. The Monument Mythos is an Analog Horror series created by Alex Casanas/Mister Manticore who also created CORNERFOLKLORE and The Trinity Desk Project. Name: James Byron Dean, "Jimmy", President Dean. in retaliation for "interfering" in the Korean War. His far more notable contribution is marrying Virginia and impregnating her with Everett. comments sorted by Best Top New Controversial Q&A Add a Comment More posts you may like. She, alongside her brother, are killed in, Considering the likelihood of this giant rotting head being what's left of, Averted as she never was a Lincolnlooker to begin with, as they were made-up by the ADA, Then played straight as she falls right into a real horrible fate, seeing life as a Canyonggalan is only slightly more pleasant. Powers/Skills Despite his superiority over America, James is quite good natured and nice to talk to, happily racing cars with his political opponents. Certain bits of the video have the same comic book filter AFTERANGEL has. The Air Force One Angel later succeeds in making the man vanish in spite of all his security. It also isn't until he kills James Dean that he even awakens his powers. It is unknown how Dean dies in the Deaniverse, but many speculate he may have been killed or deified by The Great Division, similar to Richard Nixon. Washington strikes the tree, but ends up falling through the earth and landing in a parallel world, before his image is stretched into the shape of the Special Trees. The first victim of the Knight's "Alcatraz Checkmate," which involves being consumed whole by Alcatraz matter. Much like the Knight, he appeared as a completely black silhoutte in old photos prior to. Also, they seem to believe heavily in Determinism. Instead, he creates monuments. It's likely that Dean's entire life was the exact same as his real life counterpart, up to the point he got into the car crash that tragically took his life. Later on, a Lunarian eye is used to brainwash the Son into becoming an impersonator of Jesus. 2 16. The D-Day Knight seems to challenge this system. . She's (depending on who you ask) the Wonder Woman Wannabe of the Nixonverse. When the broadcast plays after the evening news, it has a black screen with a ten second countdown, and when the broadcast plays, a series of powerful pictures from Vietnam and Dean himself are shown, with Dean simply uttering a single phrase, as seen above, with the text "Dean for President" showing over his face. One night during a ABC evening news broadcast, anchor Frank Reynolds told viewers that they " will witness the start of a glorious adventure." Dean was regarded as Satan despite his clearly good deeds and having improved his world overall after both of his terms, whereas Nixon is regarded as "God" despite being more morally ambiguous and having, To the Horned Serpent, both being actual historical figures from the past who have served as presidents, imbued with, The robot known as C/H/A/S/E is heavily implied to be. All because they'd rather have a symbol of Freedom than the real thing. Drew President Washington. He also killed Ed Dwight for reasons only known to him. By May 27th, 1969, all Americans whose hearing was affected by the Anti-Dean Disaster would be eligible for Maize Kernels, with no cost. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from Advertisement Coins. The layout of the first moon landing is completely different, with Ed Dwight and John Glenn landing instead of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, although Michael Collins still piloted the orbiter. The Washington Monument notoriously contains one, which due to the Tree's properties was used as a way to dispatch of war criminals, ADA members, and more. Alias(es) but was brainwashed by both the United States and the Lunarians into becoming their weapon. Origin: Monument Mythos. Not much is known about Dean before campaigning, but he had built quite a reputation for himself due to reactions given to his campaigns, along with their effective presentation. We are no longer the Anti-Device Association. The English Language appears to return to normal in. The Knight is later revealed to be an extension of the Moon God, Richard Nixon. Instead of pioneering animation and creating one of the biggest companies on Earth, Walt Disney stayed in the medical field following World War One and went on to fund the hospital shown caring for Dean in. Nixon would congratulate Dean the morning after Election Day, and Dean would ignore the win, and would ask Nixon to race on the track. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Fires would break out across cities and massive amounts of cars left on highways caused high carbon monoxide production, which would flow into bunkers and homes, suffocating those inside. After causing the Great Division, the Angel commits suicide out of guilt. he created The D-Day Knight, The Last Son and the Queen of the Lunarians, and it ends with the Last Son of Alcatraz suffering a. in order to save his universe from the destruction that fell the Deanverse, Richard Nixon fictionalizes it by making an alternate universe counterpart of Ed Dwight overwrite his universes story into a comic book, hence saving it from The Horned Serpent who is reborn as The Crescent King. A piece of Alcatraz matter that and escaped the Horned Serpent also assimilated some of its properties, becoming Richard Nixon and his extensions. It is implied that this action ended up meeting the name far more accurately than the Dept of Technology could have ever feared, triggering the Great Division, ripping the world apart and releasing the Serpent. the still-living flesh of both Thomas Crawford and his daughter. Character Synopsis. They stay around the Grand Canyon and require a supply of Vinegar to keep them from mutating further. Most of them are implied to have, "You can already feel it in the air. Nathaniel's daughter. A character page for the Monument Mythos. Both of them live above the Earth, with God living in Heaven while Richard Nixon lives on the Moon. It first appears in SUEZCANALCRAB. In a similar vein to the Last Son, he has. The United States Government quite literally changed one of his eyes with a Lunarian eye to succesfully brainwash him. By far the most extreme detail doctors noted was that. the ADA had been forcing him to contribute to reports on bogus anomalies such as Lincolnlooking and the Sphinx. A lifetime of being attacked, brainwashed and used as a weapon by genocidal empires makes him finally snap in. As "Jesus," he made the people of the United States his chosen people, and was willing to destroy anyone that stands in its way. . The short clip we are shown of her memorial statue morphing heavily resembles previous videos from Seasons 1 and 2 about American monuments, what with the heavy breathing and. Ordering Ed to shoot at Luna ultimately changes her vision of humanity for the worst and unchains a series of events that eventually leads to the Lunarians invading Earth and the universe being fictionalized. Downplayed in that all three were supposed to be benevolent, but the cruel actions of humanity had, Knew that stepping foot on an alternate Earth was a, Played with. I promise I will not leave you. This is untrue. I'm obsessed with Monument Mythos it's underrated, the story telling is great and the music choices in each video slap. Inspired by the man he had accidentally killed, he would go on to become a superheroic figure to aid in war, only to be used and brainwashed multiple times by many different factions to use him as a. In 2000, we've learned from our mistakes. Both events end with the same superpowered entity regretting their decision to tamper with the universe's timeline and making an uneasy sacrifice to finally restore the timeline into what it was originally meant to be. Archivist's Note:-Excerpt from the 2002 documentary "DEANDEMOCRACY: A Look Back at America's 37th President."Narrated by Molly Chen( after being manipulated into causing the Unification of 2003, the Angel destroys the ADA and offers America an ultimatum: Ultimately, it's also responsible for the events of the Nixonverse as well, as it's destruction/assimilation of the Earth caused Nixon to escape from it into the Nixonverse, While George Washington was admittedly not the best individual, he was far less villainous than the. Downplayed when compared to Nixon, but Luna is responsible for a number of events in the series. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. The ADA claim that they became a "walking atomic bomb," and they will use them to divide the three zones into as many states as they can. After surviving the end of the Deanverse, Nixon landed on the Moon and created three beings out of himself to see how this new world would react to him: The Last Son, the Knight, and the Queen. Dean would go on to self direct several more ads for after the ABC evening news, and it would become a weekly occurrence every Friday throughout 1967, and would become the highest rated show on TV. It would take three hours after the broadcast to shut down all sirens in America. The US government, upon seeing a literal living representation of Freedom, ordered a slave against his will to strip her of that flesh. Maya and Nathaniel Arnoldson were members of it, if, the Air Force One Angel and the seventeen soldiers are one and the same being, but also sets up ADA, now known as the Advocates for the Division of America, states that the Liberty Lurker is in fact George Washington after he was sent to Wonderland, but that he's the. Twice, actually. And then, the creature slipped and crashed into the tower; the information presented about "Lincolnlooking" was entirely fabricated and read under duress, meaning the practice may not even be real in the first place. and how can we forget the 37th president of the US, James Dean. "Days Later on May 13th, 1969" Phone: No missiles have been launch President Dean. Alluded to being the only survivor of the Apollo 11 Mission, since John Glenn was "evicted from reality" and Ed Dwight was killed by Nixon. Advertisement Coins. The truth being that I designed an abattoir, the conflict between Freedom and the Angel brings about the end of the world and the apparent "freeing" of the Special Trees and the Horned Serpent. In truth, he had managed to place his whole body into the statue itself. We never find out how, why or when she found out about the other universes. The projects goal is to restore hearing to all American citizens by July 4th, 1969. 20 203. After arriving to the Deanverse a second time as an adult, she underwent an unsuccessful lobotomy and gave people a more complete version of the fact, this time with the segments of Wonderland almost intact. After they realize they're being used as nothing but mere weapons by the ADA, they turn them all to ashes. He decides to reject the offer with destructive results. 1 12. why this world is called "The Nixonverse": because in this world, Richard Nixon is, including the true origin of the Last Son, the Knight, and the Queen of the Lunarians, The D-Day Knight, not just overturning the power balance in one fell swoop but revealing, the Crescent King crawling on all fours and weeping before finally standing upright, revealing that. Its destruction was accidental however, as the creature unexpectedly tripped and crashed into the tower. Given what they have done to his extensions, including using. Many would believe the broadcast would be Dean related, and tuned into the ABC evening news the night after, only to be met with an ADA ad claiming Dean's American is hell. That all changes when he ends up captured and brainwashed by the USA Government for his unpredictable behavior in war, turning him into a Person of Mass Destruction as an impersonator of Jesus Christ. Both of them sent their "children" to "test" humanity, and their children end up meeting some horrific fates, A powerful, formerly human entity likened to being God, who ultimately becomes disillusioned with humanity and resigns himself to live away from them on another celestial body in the solar system. The Monument Mythos takes place in an alternate history; one where James Dean became president, personal computers were banned in the late 20th century, and national monuments hold dark secrets. Attempts to convince the Knight to join her and the Lunarians as their Prince. A gargantuan robot actor, built by a movie studio to be cast in a movie. The Advocates for the Division of America, "Control is confidence, and today there are no doubts.". Goals he tried to hack down a Special Tree, most certainly without anything resembling an idea of what it really was. they are former US soldiers who were disintegrated and turned into the Angel. both it and Wonderland appearing to be separate, yet also one and the same, the Sphinx "Mothership" never actually existed, how fellow living statue Freedom took up their role in the Grand Canyon. "The devourer of villages." Fan-made thing for "the Monument Mythos" By ALEXKANSAS Very interesting channel that you should watch! with the government's involvement in them shown to have been embellished. Jennings, on the night of the broadcast, would also call it "the greatest gift to the American people." heads have been cut off by the Statue of Freedom. They are fighting against the United States of America, a xenophobic nation that used the Last Son to perform a "Sweep And Redeem" of Vietnam that. The designer for both the Statue of Progress and Statue of Liberty. For tropes applying to his "equivalent" in another universe, see The Crescent King below. Whether it's the questions surrounding James Dean or the mysterious trees that transport people to alternate realities, Monument Mythos offers a lot of questions and is . using materials or energy from the Horned Serpent underneath the United States. In addition, her fate after her first rampage on Gibraltar. Virginia Arnoldson's unborn child, whom she named after her mysterious protector who traveled with her during her interdimensional interregnum. Debut. It then veers into him revealing that he never actually read the speech nor did he build the Canal of his own free will. r/THEMONUMENTMYTHOS alex has to pick the most baller music for his videos ong . Unsurprisingly, the Angel is not very pleased with the American government. Said colonies were discovered by accident during a flight, Steven Trevor's plane crash and the Apollo 11 Moon Landing respectively. They would be brought to Special Trees near the Washington Monument to swap them for their Nixonverse selves, creating a drastic change in their personalities and memories. She has various connections to the other anomalies of the Nixonverse, including the Last Son and Luna. Surgical androids would be built by Maize Machines to help increase surgical efficiency by 250%. Far more notably, it appears that the Queen of the Lunarians was, The namesake of this trope has an interesting relation with the setting, as in the "Deanverse," Richard Nixon is merely a failed presidential candidate who befriends the winner and, The second is accompanied by video footage of, One confirming the implications raised in, Both events see the US Government attempting to use Superman (or a. As he states before committing suicide, he was doing this for, Downplayed. If you have any family members who were last seen at Ellis Island between the years 1949 and 1954, you may be entitled to compensation. First appeared in CANYONCROWN. His grief renders him as a black blob that is still very much alive and aware of his fate. If Luna is to believed, Despite killing Alice Avenue in a fit of rage, the Knight later sticks around to fight the, who's revealed to have been a genuine hero, He's also revealed to have a pretty bad temper, enough to murder Alice Avenue in a fit of rage. And given the ADA's track record and stated plans for them, this still makes it very ambiguous as to whether they are actually a. As the Crescent King, he terrifies even the all-powerful Nixon. Thanks! It first appears in ALCATRAZATTACK. As it turns out, he and Virginia's lover (also named Leonard) from. In our universe, Freedom sits atop the Capitol and isn't alive at all. Dr Manhattan vs Son of Alcatraz | DEATH BATTLE! Nothing is shown at all besides the audio due to the lens cap being on, leaving the visuals up to the user's imagination. You could be her, anyone could be her. . The frame of the airship simply seeks to force them into a certain shape. Dean would personally help restore the power lines despite assassination risks, resonating with younger audiences, due to his confidence and youth. Dean would win the election with 75% popular vote and 395 out of 538 electoral votes. Instead, electronic technology seems to be firmly stuck in the 1980s, with crude replacements for modern web apps like the Maize Movie Maker pseudo-computer and the TWTTR-Machine (or T-Machine) pseudo cell phone. ActingSuperhuman durabilityRace car drivingSuperhuman charisma The Queen of the Lunarians, who gives the three astronauts of the Nixonverse's Moon landing a long and deep speech about the beauties and flaws of mankind. since 2003, the United States of America is now legally called the United Zones of America, which is divided into three states, and it's mentioned that a similar albeit unsuccessful unification happened in 1980, Washington actually attempted to chop down a, It appears to have been intended as a slaughterhouse for the Horned Serpent just like the Statue of Liberty, showcasing the last messages and moments of multiple recurring characters and monsters from the series, followed by satellite footage of the destruction of Earth itself, the United States had been absorbed and replaced by Alcatraz. lsr7 first day of school 2022 on do i have good friends quiz; how much do casino dealers make in vegas on small claims court suffolk county; dead black singers female on 247 sports women's basketball recruiting; Joo Ruivo on wells fargo problems today 2022; topps chrome superfractor 2022 on angular native mobile app They first appear in WASHINGTONWORMHOLE. the trope still applies but with the roles flipped, the US government being the gray and the ADA being the black. By the end of. He did not even say his first word. Is James Dean just a walking, talking cognitohazard in the Monument Mythos or is he just a regular human who is just that good? williamsburg hotel high tea menu, bow legged celebrities,
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